Tax Retirement Investment Consultation Services


Our Processes

Our process is based upon holistic life planning, which begins by gaining a complete and comprehensive understanding of each client relationship.  We gather personal and financial data to gain a better understanding of the objectives of our process to confirm the recommended solutions are unique and specific to each individuals needs 

Once the data gathering process is complete our recommendations are delivered and mutually agreed upon.  In this part of the process communication is key to the fundamental success of the process and planning.  The objectives are fine tuned and documented in a written, but dynamic format.

The implementation of the planning process is supervised and reviewed for conformation of the objectives.

The process is monitored and reviewed on a quarterly basis and results are communicated for continued clarity and objectivity.

The entire process is based on discipline, common sense, traditional values and good stewardship.

Our Services

Our services are based on independence, objectivity and trust.  As an independent financial advisor with Independent Financial Group, LLC, we have available one of the broadest and most comprehensive range of investment products and services in the market place, complimented by state of the art technology platforms.  Typically we provide services on a fee based platform, which in our opinion helps to foster objectivity.  Our typical services include:



Financial Planning & Investment Services

  • Access to institutional money managers
  • Individually managed accounts for customized portfolio and tax management
  • Recommendations regarding investments available through your employer savings plan
  • Vigilant monitoring and prompt rebalancing (as needed) of your investment portfolio
  • Regular meetings to review your progress and overall financial objectives

Retirement Planning

  • Analysis of your present and future income needs
  • Strategies that adjust with the times to fund your income needs and lifestyle
  • Long-term cash-flow projections
  • Recommendations on using employer savings plans and IRAs for retirement income
  • Recommendations on pension plan elections and deferred compensation distributions
  • Analysis of your IRA beneficiaries and advice on Inherited IRAs

Tax Planning

  • Regular review of your financial strategy as tax laws change
  • Recommendations of tax savings, including potentially tax-advantaged investments
  • Development and oversight of tax-reduction strategies
  • Annual consultation with your CPA/tax preparer

Family Wealth Planning

  • Analysis of your current estate plan
  • Evaluation of estate distributions and cash-flow projections for spouse/heirs
  • Assistance in transferring assets into your trust
  • Complimentary consultation with your estate-planning attorney

Dedicated Client Service

  • Ongoing communication about your financial situation and planning options
  • Three-ring binder to organize your statements and key financial documents
  • Educational programs and annual client appreciation events
  • On-line account access, research tools and financial calculators